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Watch: Lauren Daigle Ministers at a Prison

Earlier this year Lauren Daigle posted about visiting the Ohio Reformatory for Women. Earlier today she posted about how she ministered to the inmates, telling them how much God loved them and how much He had planned for them. The video is pretty powerful viewing! Check it out below: 


Leanna in India with World Vision

For girls in the developing world, gender equality isn't just about glass ceilings. It's about basic rights. Around the world, millions of girls are forced into harsh realities. Leanna has been meeting some of these girls and hearing their stories in India - and we're excited about hearing more once she returns to the airwaves! Here at Life FM we'd love you to stand with us and empower more girls to live their dreams, not live in fear. Become one of 1,000 Kiwis sponsoring a girl in the developing world over the next few weeks!

You can keep up to date with Leanna's travels below - and watch the highlight 'India Diaries' on our Instagram page!


Leanna and Josh Talk To The Lads

You might remember their quirky hits from the 90s and early 2000s - these days the Lads are creating some of the best children's worship music in the world, and they're back in Aotearoa! Leanna and Josh talk to them about what they're doing now they're back, and the Life FM audience vote for their favourite Lads song to play on the station. 

They'll also be on Shine TV tonight 7:40 PM and 8:30 PM for Shineathon if you want to tune in - Freeview Channel 25 or Sky 201! 


Tori Kelly Leads Worship at Kanye’s Sunday Service

Instagram clips of Kanye West's Sunday Service have been shared by the Kardashian-West's and also attendees over the last few months, and you might have seen Sia singing gospel, a sermon from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr and more. Details about the services aren't known - they seem to be a weekly Church service organised by Kanye West that focus heavily on music.


Lauren Daigle Covers A 70's Worship Song

At a recent concert in Vancouver, she suprised the crowd by announcing "OK, we're going to change things a little bit; are y'all alright with that?" She then led the crowd in the 1975 worship song, "I Exalt Thee" by Pete Sanchez, and made famous in 1983 by Phil Driscoll. 

We love a classic! 

Cover photo from Lauren Daigle's Facebook page


Life FM's Old School Files!

Over the last year or so you might have heard the occasional throwback song on Life FM. The Old School Files are the biggest songs on the station in the 90s and early 2000s. We've put them all together in a playlist so you can listen whenever you want - and if you've got a suggestion for a Old School File, flick me an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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