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Strahan & John Mark McMillan: The Streets

Strahan says: "A Story: in 2017 when it felt like my life had burnt to ashes, when I thought I'd never sing again and worried I'd never be fully free to play with my kids in good health, I would turn up on Sundays and sing a song by @sarahkmc and @johnmarkmcmillan. It never hurt so much, it had never felt more hard but more true to sing "You are good" when I felt abandoned or forgotten. But it was right and I would weep and wail as I gave my life back every Sunday.

Fast forward a year and it felt truly serendipitous to bump into JMM in Indiana while recording the songs from that past season. I asked him to sing on this song with me and I'm honoured that he said yes.

This collaboration is important to me because of this story. Because it feels like a prophetic thing to have the same poet who helped me voice my dark night join me to sing my way out of it. I mean, it's a bit of a dream to have the legend himself sing on a song with me and honestly I smile every time I hear his voice come in but that's pretty obvious eh? 

Thank you @jvriez and @asherpilbrow for helping me with the artwork and to @jon_class at @thevarsityrecordingco for helping me record produce these songs"


Gawvi: With You

"I wrote this song because I wanted everyone to know that I am human too. Last year on tour my childhood best friend passed away and I couldn't make it to his funeral. In that same month I was dealing with depression. During this time a lot problems were coming out in my marriage and there was fear of ending up in a divorce like my parents. As I wrote this song I wanted people to feel the emotions I had and to let them know that Im going through things just like they are. I didn't want to give you an answer, I just wanted to cry with you and be there with you. Romans 12:15."


Hillsong UNITED: Good Grace

"'Good Grace' is the pure simplicity of the Gospel," says Taya. "We believe that no matter what your story is, no matter what you've been through or done, God can save anyone. Not because of anything we've done, but because God is good."


Josh from Twenty One Pilots proposes to Disney child star Debby Ryan while in NZ

Twenty One Pilots' drummer Josh Dun has chosen none other than a Kiwi treehouse as the setting for his proposal to long-term girlfriend Debby Ryan!

Former Disney child and star and Netflix's Insatiable actress, Debby Ryan, took to Twitter to share the happy news.

While the exact location of the treehouse has been kept under wraps so far, we've done some digging and we're thinking that this stunning treehouse could be situated in the Redwoods near Warkworth, which would make sense as he was performing at Auckland's Spark Arena last Friday night.


Christmas Day With The Life FM Team!

Bjorn, Josh, Eloise, Sherryn and Charlie were in studio from 8-10am this morning sharing their favourite memories of Life FM in 2018, some Christmas Bible verses and cracker jokes! If you missed the show, you can listen below:

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