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Kimbra talks about 90s Music

You know Kimbra's song 90's Music...

...Well she has just released a whole bunch of stories behind her songs on youtube. Check them out!

Here's the song -

and here's the story -


Introducing: Rivers & Robots

You can be forgiven for thinking "who the heck are Rivers & Robots?!" - their indie-folk tunes have only recently started making waves outside their native home of Manchester, UK.

Their latest album All Things New has caused a bit of a stir internationally; mainly because it is, quite frankly, an exceptional record.

Reel Gospel has described it as "without a doubt one of the most exciting records of the year" and The Good Christian Music Blog said "if they continue to stay true to their organic, indie, British sound they'll definitely be turning heads as they go – this truly is must have music."

And Relevant Magazine have recently picked up on the band and made their album available for free streaming, which you can gain access to by clicking here.

All Things New Trailer from Rivers & Robots on Vimeo.


Rapture Ruckus Previews Upcoming Track 'Volcano'

Rapture Ruckus announced yesterday that he'd teamed up with Swedish-American songwriter Jonathan Thulin for a brand new single entitled Volcano.

The set date for release is in a couple of weeks - on the 17th of November to be exact - and promises to be pretty good.


How do we know that, you ask?

Well, a video has just been posted of Brad Dring (the frontman and driving force behind Rapture Ruckus) and Jonathan Thulin performing an unplugged version of the upcoming track.

The video is below. Get excited for the 17th!



Abandon Kansas joins Bad Christian

Abandon Kansas frontman Jeremy Spring announced in an interview last week that they will be partnering with Bad Christian (the record label started by Emery) to release their new album next year.

The band will hit the studio in December & January with producers Dustin Burnett (who worked on Turn It To Gold & the Midwest Summer EP) & J. Hall (who's done stuff with House Of Heroes & Hidden Hospitals).

It sounds like they're going to announce a fundraiser in the next little while as well to help fund the album to be released in June. 

Sidenote: the interview also has a great chat about Mo-vember (or No-Shave-November as it's called in the US) but the album stuff kicks in around the 10:00 mark.

Oh also, this is a thing:



A Song-A-Day From Tenth Avenue North's 'Cathedrals'

Tenth Avenue North have come up with an innovative new idea for releasing their upcoming album - they're letting fans stream one song from Cathedrals every day.

Unfortunately, if you're a fan and you've only just caught on to this then you will have missed the streaming of the first couple of tracks, but there are still plenty left to hear leading up to the official release on November 10th.

Watch the video below to hear about the theme and heart behind the album - it sounds pretty cool. Also, click here to get access to the song-a-day!


Come&Live! Colombia Soundtrack Available for Free Download

Come&Live! have just released their follow-up documentary to the one they filmed in New Zealand four years ago - this time in Colombia.

After raising funds via their Kickstarter campaign, they were able to edit the footage taken from three separate visits to South America.

The result is an extraordinary 90-minute documentary following the Come&Live! team as they help the people of Colombia meet Jesus through prayer, music and relation.

And now the soundtrack to the film has been brought out, and its available to download from their website - all at no expense to you!

Watch the documentary below and then click here to download the soundtrack.


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