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Get To Know: Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo has been on our radar for a few months now, and with the release of his latest musical endeavour the Never Land EP, we thought it was about time you get to know him too.

He's snapping at the heels of the likes of Tedashii and Lecrae and is likely to become the next big personality in Christian hip-hop.


Whether he's on stage bringing an audience to its feet with his riveting performance or off stage fielding interview questions with a potent combination of intellect and wit, it's obvious Andy Mineo is a born communicator and hip hop music is his instrument for reaching the masses.


"It is absolutely undeniable that hip hop is becoming the universal language," Mineo says expressing an unbridled enthusiasm for his artistic vehicle. "It's so influential because you are able to say so much in a short period of time."

"The essence of hip hop is the boldness of it so you're able to be exactly who you are. You are able to say exactly what you want. You represent exactly what is deepest and dearest to you and people respond to that. They respond to that realness."

Have a listen to the Never Land EP on Spotify and check out this awesome interview with him below (which features a cheeky freestyle rap for our viewing pleasure).




Thousand Foot Krutch Debut Single From Upcoming Album

Heavy rockers Thousand Foot Krutch have launched brand new single 'Born This Way' from OXYGEN:INHALE, which is set to be released on August the 26th.

Frontman Trevor McNevan says the new single is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

"We were made to be who we are, and every one of us is unique," says McNevan. "We're wired the way we are for a reason."

"We were all created equal, and this song is an anthem for everyone who's tired of being someone they're not, or has to dumb down who they are for someone else. Be yourself, you're the best version of you."

Check out 'Born This Way' below.



"Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good."

Check out this new compilation album featuring a whole bunch of Kiwi musicians for Jono. He's a good friend of the station and he needs help - so please donate generously. Check out the press release for the album below:

Meet Jono.

Jono is the original little drummer boy. Dude's been killing the skins since he was tall enough to pound a snare.

And he's good. Real good. In fact, if you're a Kiwi muso, he's the guy you call for a beat. Jono's been the smiling backbone of too many bands to count.

He's the happiest guy in showbiz. His face lights up the stage like a human L.E.D – Jono's the midas of breakbeats. Everything he touches turns to gold.

But here's the bummer. A few months ago, Jono and his beautiful wife were in a pretty bad crash. Our guy was pretty badly injured. He spent weeks in a coma with severe brain trauma. Although he's awake now and banging that hospital bed like ballin' John Bonham, he's got a long recovery ahead of him.

Jono's a human magnet. He's the essence of love and generosity. But his journey back to the drumstool will be a long and expensive one.

So here's what we've gone and done. We've made our guy Jono a little mixtape. It's full of exclusive gems and material written by a community of musicians that he's played with over the years. Clap Clap Riot, Avalanche City, Great North, Jesse Sheehan, Lydia Cole, Nathan King and heaps more – they've all come to the party, donating never-heard-before tracks. Some golden B-sides, some recorded especially for Jono. It's a real party up in here.

So, here's what you're gonna go and do. You're gonna get your hands on this piece of work. And you're going to pay a price of your choosing. But we know you'll be generous, because we've got a man down, and we need that man back in action ASAP.

Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good.



Avalanche City – 'Giving Me a Sign'
Sam Bentley feat. Lydia Cole – 'Dearest'
Nathan King – 'No Stopping You'
Clap Clap Riot – 'I Told You Man'
Jesse Sheehan – 'Old Man'
Lydia Cole – 'Dream' (Demo)
Nic Manders – 'Tomorrow's Gold'
Luke Thompson – 'Smile'
Great North – 'All Saints Day'

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