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Getting to know, so you're in the know, before you go.

I have been looking forward to Festival One 2018 since packing the car and driving out the gates end of Festival One last year. For me it's becoming an annual addition to my calendar.

Now, I have been to my fair share of festivals in my time thus I feel somewhat qualified to share a few tips and tricks and hacks to help make your festival experience a great one!

Check back each day as this list is going to get longer and longer in the lead up to Festival One this weekend!

Mondays Tip - Pack 2 outfits for each day!

You arrive Friday afternoon and leave on Monday afternoon. The days at Mystery Creek get HOT and the nights get CHILLY! It's in a bit of a valley, not a whole lot of wind blows through to cool you down and once that sun drops, the tempurature drops with it. That's why I recommend packing 2 outfits for each day! I know 2 outfits a day sounds excessive and my mum would always say to me "It's not a fashion parade". But being prepared and planning out your outfits will stop you from over packing. and come on, you can wear your jeans and sweatshirt more than once!!

You'll want some shorts, a tshirt ,some jandals and a hat for during the day (don't forget your sunscreen!) and some jeans and a sweatshirt for when it cools down! Easy as.

BONUS TIP: Shower in between changing! Seriously. Take the time, freshen up, and you'll find you beat the shower ques if you do it earlier in the evening.


Tuesdays Tip - Create your own meeting point.

No doubt you will be heading to Festival One with friends or family, maybe even kids, and you probably don't want to lose any of them, right?

A great idea is to find a meeting point as soon as you arrive at festival. Usually something obvious and easy to find, like a massive flag or giant teepee in a really central location like The Market. That way, when anyone gets lost with a flat phone (because lets be honest, that is going to happen) you can easily find them and regroup! I wouldn't recommend your tent or caravan site as your meeting point. There is always such a big sea of tents that almost all seem to match, it can be very hard to find yours. So keep it simple. 

If it's young kids potentially getting lost, show them the "Lost Child Location" this is the information desk at HQ in The Market.

BONUS TIP: If you loose your friends in the moshpit use the duck hand. This technique seems to have been around for a very long time.

You notice you're lost in the crowd, can't see over anyone but you know your friends are near - chuck up the duck hand, they will be able to see it above the crowd and make their way back to you.

We staged a moshpit example of the duck hand in action


Wednesdays Tip - Stash away some dry clothes in your car!

With all the weird weather this "summer" it could be sunny or it could be rainy. YOU NEVER KNOW! Though the weather forecast does make me a little nervous.

If you have ever been camping and your bag found it's way into a puddle, you'll know that's not a jolly old time. Or every piece of clothing you've taken somehow ends up soaked. That's not a fun either. But what WOULD be comforting, is knowing you have a nice warm, and most importantly DRY set of clothes stashed away in your car. Chuck a shirt, some pants, warm socks and some dry undies in a bag and leave it in the car juuust in case.

(You can thank me later)

BOUNS TIP: Throw your gumboots in the boot if you have room! You don't need to take them down to the campsite with you (cause we are praying for sunshine), but you'll know they're there jussst incase and if the situation gets dyre you can make a quick trip back to the car. Mystrey Creek on occasion turns into a bit of a swimming pool.


Thursdays Tip - Pack a Chilly Bin with Bottles of Frozen Water

You have options, you're allowed to bring your own food and drink for the weekend into Festival or you can eat from the vendors onsite. Regardless which you choose to do, I would recommend bringing in a chilly bin with bottles of frozen water. There are so many benifits to doing this I literally don't know where to begin!

- It'll save you money, instead of buying water there you'll have that money to spend on other things there like food and merch from your favourite bands! It can get pretty pricy buying a bottle of water everytime you're thirsty.

- It'll encourage you to stay hydrated, just grab a bottle in the morning before you leave your tent site.

- In doing that, it will help keep you cool - if you walk around carrying a bottle of frozen water it'll cool you down and you'll have nice chilled water as you go.

- If you choose to put other things in the chilly bin too it will help keep it cold almost all weekend! (Seriously, when I camped with my best friend her and I had to trip the ice out on the last day one year)

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