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Sherryn Interviews Fraser Grut

Fraser Grut has a dream. A dream of sharing dreams. He started a project back in December 2016 called 10,000 dreams. He captures just one dream a day and is currently 519 dreams in. Fraser will be about 50 when the project is complete and will have spoken to 0.00075% of the world. He puts all the dreams he collects on social media, sharing them on his instagram and facebook page, where they will reach and inspire the nations.


New Zealand Sign Language Week 2018

New Zealand Sign Language Week happens in New Zealand every year in May. In 2018 it's the 7th - 13th. NZSL week is a chance for the Deaf community to stand proud as Deaf, and to celebrate their language and culture. It also works to break down barriers, fears and misconceptions. NZSL Week lets Deaf New Zealanders put their hands up and be seen!