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One of the best cartoons of the '90s is making a come back!

As much of a Disney fan I am, I can still appreciate other great cartoons and one that I LOVED to watch when I was younger was Rugrats!

[Press play so you can listen to the opening theme song before you continue reading!]

If you remember and loved the show like I did then you'll be pleased to know that Nickelodeon is bringing the series back with 26 new episodes!!! That's right 26!

And if that wasn't enough, there's also going to be a live-action film which will feature the characters in CGI (Is Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop going to produce this? - One can only hope! )- The movie is set to be released November 13 2020.

rugrats 2

There's going to be new adventures, and also new characters in both the series and the movie.

And to make it an authentic come back - the original creators of the series Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain will return as executive producers. 

Unsure of when the TV series will debut but I'd say it's probably going to be before the movie comes out in 2020! 


Places to eat for FREE on your Birthday!

July is my Birthmonth and my birthday is this weekend! Something I have never done but have always wanted to do, is go to a place where I can eat for free just becuase it's my day of birth.
As I've never done this before, I needed to figure out my options.

I've done the research and found many different places you can go on your birthday and get a meal/drink for "free".


Muffin Break - Free muffin for members of the Muffin Break Club.

Columbus Coffee - A free coffee for you and a friend, if you are signed up to Columbus Rewards.

Esquires - A free small beverage for members of Esquires eClub.


Lunch/Dinner options:

Habitual Fix: Free smoothie for Habitual Fix Addicts.

Subway: Free cookie and 600ml Coke or 750ml Pump with any sub, salad or wrap purchase. SubCard required.

Mexicali: Cabana Club members get a free Burrito or other menu item on their birthday.

Burger Wisconsin: Download their app and register to their Loyalty Club to get a free birthday burger AND fries.

Burger Fuel: VIB club members are sent a voucher for a free burger on their birthday.

Denny's: Get a free main meal on your birthday, when you dine with a paying guest.


Buffets/Restuarants to dine at if you go with 3 other full-paying adults:

Gengys: Dine for $1 on your birthday when accompanied by three, full-paying, adults.

Valentines: Eat free on your birthday, when accompanied by three, full-paying, adults.

Cobb & Co: Free main meal when accompanied by three paying adults.


So there is a catch to the whole "free meal" thing, be prepared to sign up to a loyalty programme or fork out for a guest, unless you can convince your guest to pay for themselves because after all, it is YOUR birthday!


Fireplace for Your Home

If you've got a tv screen but no fireplace this winter, Netflix has you covered! Wait, what?

Apparently there's no need for the real thing when you can replicate the sights and sounds of a warm fire, with or without music.

'Fireplace For Your Home' was released a couple years ago but not too many Netflix users know or take advantage of this series. 

It's got the clearest picture of a real fireplace that sparks and crackles, adding warmth and atmosphere to any home. I think like this would have a great placebo effect for making any room feel warmer!

The best part is that you can chose from three 60mins episodes:
'Crackling Fireplace'- This installment includes an old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace. Enjoy the bright and cheery flames and the real crackling of the fire!
'Crackling Fireplace with Music'- This program offers the next best thing to a cheery, crackling fire, enhanced with a tasteful accompaniment of music to set the right ambience.
Or get festive with the 'Crackling Yule Log Fireplace'- This edition includes a crackling yule log set to holiday favorites such as "Joy to the World" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." (Perfect for your Mid-Winter Christmas event!)


Just search 'Fireplace For Your Home' on Netflix or check out the page here. Stay toasty!