FURSDAY FEELS - Cheetahs and Dogs, the Perfect Pair!

I’m more of a dog person- mostly because I’m allergic to cats, but how cute is this duo?


And the story of the unusual friendship is incredible!

Cheetahs are usually thought of as dangerous cats and dogs are known to be well-behaved and loyal pets. Surprisingly, these two animals are a perfect fit!

Cheetahs are very nervous and anxious creatures. They don’t know how to socialize, are too stressed to mate and are becoming extinct. 

They needed help and that’s where the dogs come in. Zoo keepers for years now have been pairing up cheetahs with emotional support dogs!


An animal training supervisor has explained that dominant dogs are helpful to cheetahs who are quite shy instinctively. When the two are paired together, the cheetah looks to the dog for cues and learns to model their behavior. It helps the cheetahs become more confident in life, thus increasing their willingness to procreate!

Check out the video below :) 


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