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Disney movie watch list

I've seen a 'Disney watch list' go around on social media the last few days and being the Disney-obssessed person that I am, I wanted to share it with you and to also see how many movies I've checked off! (60 if you were wondering.. although some I haven't seen since I was probably 5!)

I think the original list that's been going around is of Disney animations so I've kept it that way, otherwise the list would probably just go on and on AND ON. There are so many Disney movies out there and I feel like 68 are enough to prove your Disney obsession.

Now it's worth mentioning that I have tweaked the list a little, I've also ordered the movies alphabetically, and I know that there are probably a couple missing from here (like some sequels) -sorry if I have missed your fave!

Have fun going through the list, share it round and see who out of your friends has watched the most Disney movies!! Bonus prize* if you have seen all 68!! (*Just kidding about the prize. I don't have one to give away, but if I did, just know it would obviously be Disney-related!)

P.S. What even is Song of the South?? 

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