Get Your Tamagotchi On!

The year was 2007, I was 14 years old, my favourite colour was still pink, and I loved toys perhaps a bit more than a 14 year old should.

My 11 year old niece introduced me to her Tamagotchi – a digital pocket pet and I couldn't wait to get my own.

That year for Christmas, guess what I got from mum and dad? This V4 Tamagotchi!

My Tamagotchi Cropped

Oh, the nostalgia! It's such a good feeling. Did you ever have a Tamagotchi? Remember the days when looking after your Tamagotchi was your biggest responsibility? I miss that.

The 2007 Tamagotchi was actually not the first version of the toy to be released- that's why it was called Version 4. In fact, the first Tamagotchi was launched in 1996. And it's about to make another comeback! Japanese manufacturer Bandai have announced the release of a new and improved version of the classic toy in July, and this time it's in COLOUR!!

tamagotchi-on-bandai-2 v93w

The Tamagotchi On will also do more than just eat, sleep, beep and die – evolving from a pet into more of a character – they will even be able to get married and breed.

Nostalgia doesn't come cheap though! While the original Tamagotchis sold for about NZ$30, the 2019 Tamagotchi Ons will retail for about $60 USD... that's about $90 NZD!

So is it worth it?

Well, I'm not 100% convinced it's a good use of my money but if I happen to find one in The Philippines for half that when I visit in July... then maybe.

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