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Date Yourself Featured

Date Yourself

Ok when i heard about the idea of this i thought it was a bit weird.  Why date yourself?

Really it's about being nice to you.  There's so much that you can do for other people which is awesome and keep doing it! But think about you as well.

Over the weekend i brought myself flowers.  When i write it it's sounds strange and kind of sad.  But they were just some flowers from the dairy that i got so my house would smell pretty but also every time i looked at them i could see a little bit of beauty.  By doing that i 'dated myself'



What's your hobby??  Crafting, reading, watching the latest TV series? Go on, spend some time doing something you enjoy.  Recently i made a wheatbag for a friend.  Sure it was something for someone else but i enjoyed making it so win win!



Cook something you love! If you have a favourite meal make it or branch out and try something new.

cook something delicious


Get a manicure!  Try a new colour & gets artsy.



So try dating yourself sometime.  You deserve it!

Hols xo

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