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The "real" Barbie

Someone has finally created a "real" Barbie called Lammily.


Creator Nickolay Lamm took measurements of the average 19-year-old American woman and after a crazy succesful kickstarted Lammily was created.

Stickers can also be added to create stretch marks, pimples and cellulite.


Personally i'm stoked that girls can still have fun dressing up a Barbie but can get a positive view on body image.

They're going on sale next week in the US for around $25.

What do you think of Lammily??

Hols xo



Food News: Chelsea Winter

Ash & I chatted to Chelsea Winter about the new Huntley & Palmers baked flat breads - she gave us a few ideas for summer entertaining and I had to ask about whether i accidentally poisoned the workmates by not following one of her recipes properly :-S 

Check out the ideas for the flatbreads here :) 


Cake Stencils

I've been having some fun decorating my favourite chocolate cake...
New ImageIMG 3976

All it takes is a stencil and some icing sugar.  
The first one is just a doily (you can get those at the $2 shop) i cut a heart out of the centre of mine and then sifted the icing sugar on top.
The second one is a clear plastic sheet (ie Old OHP paper).  The great thing about this is you can create whatever design you want!  I'd previously used that one as a paint stencil so it's a bonus that it worked for cake decorating to.

So go on, next time you're invited out for dinner offer to bring the cake and have a go at some alternative decorating.
Such fun!
Hols xo