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FURSDAY FEELS - an unlikely hero

While out for a walk with his owner, this dog saw a baby animal drowning in the water. The dog Storm, jumped into the water to rescue the creature which turned out to be an injured baby deer.

In the video, you can see Storm dragging the deer in his mouth, just as he would with a puppy. When safely back on the shore, Storm stays by the deer and licks her to keep the poor creature safe and warm.

When the rescuers from the animal shelter arrived, the deer went back into the water and this time was saved by a volunteer.

The baby deer is now being looked after in the animal shelter until it makes a full recovery -awww I love furry friends!  


Fursday Feels - You’ll either love what I’m about to show you or hate it…

Maternity shoots have become widely accepted but has anyone done this for their expecting dog?

Photographer Cris Skinner had a PAWternity session with dogs Rue and Ruger. Yes, you read that correctly, PAWternity. It's now a thing. And you have got to check out the cute/weird photos!! Awww I love dogs so much but I do think this is a bit extra haha




Also the cuteness doesn't end with the photos, turns out when these puppies are born they will be trained in a service dog progam to help bring joy to humans who faces challenges due to disabilities. Alright, say it with me now, "Awwwwww"

You can read more here.