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For many young girls in the developing world education is the key to unlocking any opportunity for a better life, but in places like Nawada they face barriers to even be able to attend classes.

We got to speak to four girls – Anjali, Pooja, Juli and Chandani, all 15 and 16 years old, who have been able to continue their education because of extra coaching and classes hosted in their community by World Vision. These classes are essential to children who may not have otherwise been able to afford or been able to get to school.
The truly impacting part of their story is how much having an education is empowering these girls, especially in a society that otherwise doesn't have many opportunities for women. Having an education gives these girls hope for their future, simply because an education means they can get jobs, earn money and therefore have the ability to make decisions for their own lives. "Girls, if they have opportunities, can do the same as boys," says Juli "We want to be treated equally, to end discrimination and have the same rights."
Pooja summed it up best when she said "Education is the best way to empower young women. Also girls need to be encouraged, especially those less fortunate."

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It was such an honour to be able to meet Kirti and her family and talk to her about how even the simplest things have made a huge impact on the opportunities she has in life.
Kirti told us about how she dreamed about being able to go to a better school, a prospect that was not possible for her family. As a sponsor child, she was able to share her dreams with her sponsor back here in New Zealand, and they made the impossible possible for her. Something as simple as donating the money for a bike and generously gifting her school fees for a year, meant she was able to not only get to school, but also attend a school with better opportunities.
As we spoke to Kirti she was pretty shy and quiet, but just how grateful she was to her sponsor came through loud and clear. It was very cool to be able to see first hand how the little bit we might do through child sponsorship, has a massive impact on their lives and the prospects for their future.

Education is such an important factor in giving children and especially girls in the developing a better future, and it's awesome to see the practical work World Vision is doing in these communities to make sure kids get these opportunities. We'd love you to stand with us and empower more girls to live their dreams, not live in fear. Become one of 1,000 Kiwis sponsoring a girl in the developing world over the next few weeks!

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