The Morning Wakeup
Leanna, Bjorn & Josh 6:00-10:00am


The last day of our trip in India was full of energy, noise, laughter and fun. We met and played soccer with a team of girls who are part of the Sports For Development programme run by the World Vision Nawada team. In a place where girls don’t typically get the opportunity to play sport, or do much outside of the home, this opportunity is invaluable for empowering and giving these young girls confidence.

World Vision - Leanna in India from Rhema Media on Vimeo.

Despite the sweltering heat, they were so enthusiastic chasing the ball and practising their skills. For them it was a chance to so something that previously only the boys were allowed to do. They said it made them feel equal and that they wanted to be the same as the boys.

What was so striking about these girls, besides their abundance of energy, was how they were just like any of the kids back here at home. Cheeky, funny and talking a mile an hour. But these girls face many more challenges: inequality, having basic rights taken away, a lack of access to education, and the prospect of early marriage. Sponsorship and the work that World Vision is doing is helping to break the cycle of poverty by empowering, educating and equipping young girls and their families.

We’d love you to stand with us and empower more girls to live their dreams, not to live in fear. Over the next few weeks, become one of 1,000 Kiwis sponsoring a girl in the developing world!





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Morning Wake-up