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Love Doctor: 15th April, 2014

Hello Ian.

I feel like I don't have a proper relationship with God because I don't understand the magnitude of what I have been forgiven of and the sacrifice Jesus made for me. The knowledge is all in my head but it doesn't sink into my heart. I feel arrogant because I don't get what a big deal it is.

Hey Ian.

Is it weird that I don’t ‘miss’ my partner? I have been overseas for work for the last 3 months, totally isolated except for the team I was with. I’m back now but when I was gone I realised that I didn’t ‘miss’ my partner. Not one bit. Our relationship is great, and I have no other reason to think we might not be perfect for each other. But it has got me thinking, if I didn’t miss her, do I really love her? Or maybe I’m just over thinking things. Do many people feel this way?

Hey Doc,

I was wondering if it is wrong to wear make-up? Some of the girls from my church wear no make-up and there has never been an issue. Recently though I have been feeling like there is some pressure on me to stop wearing it. The girls all talk about how empowering it is etc and they seem to talk about it while I am around. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and a little awkward. I like wearing make-up, it makes me feel pretty! Is that a bad thing?


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