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Love Doc: 25 August 2015

Hey Doc, my best friend struggles with anxiety and depression.
She is such an incredible friend, but I have found it really hard to be there for her, and don't know how to help her or make her feel better when she is having a bad day.
How can I connect with her without making her feel different?

Hiya, my husband doesn't listen to me, and doesn't really communicate with me.
We have done couples counselling but the change in behaviour only ever lasts a week
I am really starting to lose hope and feel more and more unhappy every day.
Do you have any tips on how we can be happy again?


Love Doc: 18 August 2015

Hey Love Doc,I have started seeing a guy who says he believes in God, but doesn't go to church or read a bible (I'm not even sure he has one).
He doesn't seem interested in doing anything to grow spiritually or get closer to God.
What advice do you have?

My parents have gradually been turned against my husband.
Part of it is my fault, I would turn to them for advice in the first couple of years of our marriage, often painting him as a bad guy.
I know now that was totally wrong and I have been trying to fix it.
Now we need them to be on our side for adoption process we believe God has called us into.
What's your advise?