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Love Doc: 10 August 2015

Hey Love Doc,
My husband and I cant have children, and I am finding it hard.
I feel I have missed out on this in life, and it's hard seeing other people with babies and don't know how to deal with it.

Hey Ian, my friend just broke up with his girlfriend
He doesn't seem to be holding up too well.
He has turned into someone really obnoxious and offensive, and doesn't realize how his words and actions are affecting those around him
He seems pretty aggressive too and to be honest I don't feel comfortable asking whats going on - but it's really getting in the way of our friendship
How can I talk to him without him getting angry at me?


Love Doc: 4 August 2015

Hey Love Doc,
I've recently had my fourth child and now I find I have been left with zero appetite for sex.
I've heard this happens to women but it is new to me. I am happy and well, we've been married almost ten years - but it's like a switch has been turned off and I don't know how to turn it back on.
We have talked about it which has helped.
Is there anything I can do? How long should I wait for it to "come back"?

Hey Ian, I am a teacher and I have developed feelings for a student...
I am in higher education and the student is the same age as me, so there is no concerns needed there. But I wonder about whether my professionality will come under fire from other students or work collegues.
Is it wrong to persue this? We have talked about going on a date... I don't want to miss out on a chance at this relationship, but I worry if it is 'right' or not because of our situation..?