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Love Doc: Flatting Dramas

Hey Love Doc, I am starting uni next year and have started talking with a few friends about going flatting together.
I have one friend who wants to join us but I just don't wanna live with them, how do I tell them this without it seeming like I am rejecting them?
They are really sensitive about be included etc and they can get upset quite easily - which is probably why I don't wanna live with them. 
I don't want to hurt their feelings or lose them as a friend.

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Love Doc: Taking My Wife's Name

Hey Ian, my fiancee and I have decided that we are going to take her last name after we get married.
I know this isn't common for a man to do and it has really upset my father. The thing is, I didn't really have the best childhood, and my dad hasn't been that great.
His whole family are very messed up and to be honest I would rather associate myself and my future kids with my wife's family name rather than ours. 
I have already made up my mind on this but he thinks I am disrespecting him and our whole family - he says he didn't raise a Son who would 'bow to his wifes demands like this'.
How to I get him to understand this is something I have chosen to do?

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