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How You Can Help Victims Of Tragedies

Let's talk about the flooding in Houston, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. More than 16 million people are affected and more than a thousand have died. It's hard to watch on the news and even harder to know what we can do about it in little old New Zealand. Here are some of my tips for how to respond in the face of tragedy:


It's easy for some to write off prayer as actionless words in the face of tragedy. But for Christians, prayer couldn't be farther from inaction. And so in the face of tragedy Christians need to pray: pray for the victims who are now fighting for their lives in hospitals. Pray for families and friends who lost someone. Pray for the cities and towns affected: for their law enforcement officials and first responders. And pray for the Church, that Christians will be those first to speak words of care and reach out in compassion to those affected.


There are a number of aid agencies wh oare on the ground providing relief when these things happen. Agencies who are already operating in that country are best to donate to as they have the facilities in place to be most effective with your money. Consider agencies like World Vision, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. 

Here's a recent post from World Vision about the situation in Bangladesh:


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