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How To Stop Wasting Food

What would your Nana say if she found out the average New Zealand family throws away three shopping trolley's worth of edible food per year? Food waste is a huge problem, and it's not that great for the enviroment either. I'm learning how to turn food destined for the bin into great meals, and thought I'd share some tips I've come across!


We get it America

We get it America you had fireworks for 4th of July.

If you're like me and just rapidly tapped through your instagram stories due to the overload of fireworks snaps then you're probably not keen to see more anytime soon.

But wait, THIS is pretty cool!


Natural Disaster Survival Kit

These over night quakes have really got me thinking - "Am I prepared for a Natural Disaster?" and honestly, the answer would be, No. I'm not prepared!

Natural Disaster Survival Kit

But it's not hard to piece together your own Natural Disaster Survival Kit for you and your family. My mum did this with my brother and I when we were younger and used the time to talk to us about what could happen and what we need to do if it does. Hopefully the need will never arise to get it out and use it!