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Girly News - No Heat Overnight Curls

CURLY HAIR without using heat!

This might be hard to believe considering the night show finishes at midnight, but I always shower at night! That means going to bed with wet hair! I don't like leaving it to just do its own thing so this is what I do to beat the frizz and wake up with effortless curls. Here are TWO methods I want to share with you..


How to Pray When You Don't Feel Like


Have you ever thought of King David as a good teacher for prayer? Reading his Psalms the other day, I became very aware of how much we can learn from the way he prayed. The way he viewed and treated God and the way he saw himself through God's eyes—these gems show themselves brightly through David's prayers.

If we prayed more like him, I bet we could have the same kind of closeness he had with God.


Emotiki - The Maori emoji keyboard

How cool is this?! Emotiki is the worlds first Maori keyboard. 

Rotorua visitor attraction Te Puia has developed Emotiki, a 150-character emoji keyboard with distinctly Maori icons ranging from piupiu (flax skirts) and hangi, to kete and koura (crayfish).