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Talk Sessions

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It's your place to chat about topics and issues affecting your life and faith. We usually kick off with an interview and then it's over to you. You can text us on 8168 first word Talk or better still give us a call 0508 54 3336 Sunday nights from 7pm. We'll catch you then.

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Isolation Inspiration

We are four days into a four week lockdown, on the Talk Sessions we asked how is everyone going? Let's share ideas of things we can do. We started by chatting with Rosie Devery who is the school of worship leading-coordinator for Pathways College in Tauranga and we asked about worship, specifically what is it?


The Implications of COVID-19

It's been an unsettling week with so many new announcements. On the Talk Sessions we chatted about the implications of COVID-19, how its going working from home, how's the anxiety levels, have you suffered financially, what did you do for church this morning? We had some great calls.


Remembering the Terror Attacks of March 15

On the Talk Sessions we had a special show remembering the mosque terror attacks a year on. Nerida, Andrew and Luke chatted with Mayor Liane Dalziel, Executive Pastor Sarah-Jane Peez and Bishop Peter Carroll. We also talked about the effects of COVID-19.