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The Forum: Escaping The Social Media Trap Featured

Do people fighting over things like the US presidential election ever make you just want to quit social media completely? What if we never posted about controversial issues online? On The Forum this week Natalie Walker shared why she's made the decision to do exactly that, and how it has changed her relationships in real life.

Infertility affects a lot of people, but it's something which is hardly ever talked about. Also on this week's show Matt Ray shared about the heartache he and his wife have experienced through wanting a child but not being able to have one. He also talks more generally about keeping faith in God even when we don't get what we pray for.

Also this week our resident counsellor Aaron Ironside helps out a listener struggling with depression and Saskia updates us with the week's headlines in social media, including Donald Trump and creepy clowns.

Tune in Sunday night 8-10pm!

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