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The Forum: Caring About Special Needs + Sharing Your Faith Featured

What responsibility do believers have for those with special needs? On The Forum we were joined by Thomas Christianson from We talked about how to interact with people who seem to be different at church, in the workplace or in your neighborhood, and why Christians need to care about things like autism.

Also this week, we talked about sharing faith in a way that isn't awkward. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about your beliefs for fear of being seen as judgmental. Many of us may decide to stop sharing at all. Writer Courtney Bareman had interesting things to say about how to find the balance between fire and brimstone preaching and total silence.

 Also this week Aaron Ironside helps a couple who can't agree about having more kids, and the Reverend Frank Ritchie shared some thoughts on Lent.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm – and if you missed our last show on living generously, check out the podcast online.

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