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The Forum: Why Christians Should Care For The Environment + Making Tough Choices

On the Forum we talked with Jason Mitchell about his new book 'No Easy Jesus'. Jason believes many Christians end up disillusioned because a life following Jesus doesn't look as easy they were told it would be. He'll talk about how we can make tough, gritty choices that help us grow in our relationship with God.

Also on this week's show, The Rev. Frank Ritchie shares about why Christians should care for the enviroment, and Dan updates us on the week in social media.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm.


The Forum: Ethical Fashion + Building A Legacy

It's pretty common to want to impress people with how great we are. But that's not necessarily what God desires for us. On the Forum this week we talked with Grayson Pope about building a legacy that matters – a legacy which points not to our greatness, but to God's.

Tear Fund have released an ethical fashion guide for NZ companies, and the response has been huge. We also caught up with their CEO Ian McInnes about how we can make purchasing decisions which don't add to the misery of people working in slave-like conditions.

Also on this week's show The Rev. Frank Ritchie on why people leave church + Dan updates us on the week in social media.

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm.


The Forum: 13 Reasons Why, Young People Leaving Church + Addictions

13 Reasons Why is a new Netflix drama about a teenage girl's suicide, and has started so many conversations about whether or not television like this is helpful or needed. This week on The Forum we spoke with the Reverend Frank Ritchie about the show and New Zealand's relationship with suicide.

Also on this week's show we spoke with Sam Eaton. Many young adults who have grown up in the church seem to walk away from it when they reach their twenties. Sam has written a really interesting article about why they leave, and it'd be fair to say his ideas have resonated with people. The article has so far been shared more than a million times! He joined us on the Forum for a discussion about why young adults leave the church.

Also on this week's show we talk with Dr Kathy Tolleson about the calls for pornography to be treated as a public health crisis and dealing with addiction, plus Sherryn updates us on the week in social media. 

Tune in Sunday night from 8pm.