Your support of Life FM's 'Into The Wild' Support Drive will help impact more New Zealander's lives with messages of faith, hope and love - messages about and inspired by Jesus Christ.

You can make a difference and see more people's lives changed for good, like this from a Life FM listener:

"Life FM has helped me stop a 14 year drug habit, through the music, The Forum and the DJ's outlook on life. Combined with The Word For Today they have encouraged me to push further into God and by doing that I'm now clean for 9 months and am a better father for doing so and a happier person in general. My daughter has also noticed the difference in my personality and prays with me every morning and night. Thanks Life FM for doing what you do best with your awesome outreach station."

Donate now and take your part in reaching Kiwi's and across the country' by going 'Into The Wild'.

Thank you and God bless!